26.9.20 Reading @ Realisierbar, Steinen

Being member of the Swiss Writing Women (Schweizer Schreibfrauen), I was honored to hold the premiere of reading at the new opened Realisierbar. Together with my writing colleague Dorothe Zürcher, we delivered a very thrilling and creepy reading!
Dorothe is a well-known historian, specialized on saga’s of the town of Zurich and some other Swiss town’s. She read some passages of her new saga „Der Schwarze Garten“ (The Black Garden – it’s an old building in the old part of Zurich).
We later found out, that earlier at Realisierbar was the premiere of the well-known song „Steiner Chilbi“. Regrettably I don’t know the formerly name of this place! Realisierbar has been created by Jeanette Blank and offers a wide range of activities, please get in touch via www.realisierbar.com

Ready for some nightmare?