22.5.19 Schweizer Vorlesetag – Swiss Read Out Day

On 22nd of May 19 was the official read out day all over Switzerland, I did my read out as volunteer in the role of a fairy tale auntie one week before. I enjoyed reading Trudi Gerster’s and Sandy Jud’s fairy tales. The kids did a great job, were curious and told me about their young life. I told the kids to be always attentive to what teachers explain and read a lot, because it’s important for their growth.

Many thanks to Maria Dea Covella @ Primary School Olten Bifang, Joana Studer & Michelle von Däniken @ Primary School Zofingen, Jasmin Jaggi @ nursery Kita Koalabär Aarau Rohr & your pupils and toddlers for the warm welcome! Your Thank-You with shiny little eyes was the best applause for me!!!