How Second Generation Immigrant Writers have transformed Swiss and German Language Literature

I’m glad to present you Dr. Margrit Zinggeler’s book, published by The Edwin Mellen Press N.Y.
Margrit published her study of authors from the Swiss „Secondo-Space“ and I feel honoured to belong to her selection of the 15 most prominent Secondo-Writers. Margrit gave to my „The Paper Factory“ a great opportunity to present my work to the US-market in her book.

Margrit and me met in 2010 in Solothurn at the well-known Literature days, where she interviewed me about my writing works and film project. Her perception about me is „Writing is an emotional process of her, with heart-blood, and she thinks about the emotions of the reader when writing. Recurring motifs of her works are love and relationships, and sensory perceptions in the countries where she travels; the smells, the sounds, and the entire sensorial palette.“ WOW!!! ;o)

Meanwhile the roadmovie „The Paper Factory“ is as DVD in rough version circulating, so I’m going to see which door will get open???

To Margrit from the bottom of my heart: Mille grazie!