Reading at Parco dei Principi, Giulianova – Italy 7.9.2017

During my last holidays in the region Abruzzo, I had the great pleasure to introduce and read my written works at the hotel where my stay was. For many years my family and I feel connected to this region, we have some relatives and many friends there. Grazie mille to the owner Silvia and the animation staff for welcoming us & my reading in front of all your guests!


…what a wonderful scenery!

… never read in front of such a young audience 🙂

Proud mamma!

La Sorgente Nr. 94

The local newspaper of Caposele has honored me with a review about my participation at „“ Festival del Libro in Mediterraneo; in fact – my novel „Nebbia su Durban“ was in competition amongst 52 literary works!
Grazie mille to director Nicola Conforti and his son Salvatore Conforti!