KiFF & Alf-TV

Oh man! What a month was march,  a real rollercoaster!

Beside, that I earn my rolls as a banking auntie, I was a postering-girl, talkerin as well, and managed all my appointments with all kinds of journalists, moderators and event-managers, so I got a training in self-marketing! In between I had my study exams, my birthday-party, a wedding and two funerals!

My reading @ KiFF in Aarau in front of 150 listeners was successful. Beautiful was the support of my dears, thanks! It was quiet like a mouse there, I felt the eyes of the listeners laying on my lips and I got really blushed, fast heart-beating, sweating…it’s called the stage fright!

The recording of „Talk im Schlosshof“ was extremly thrilling and amusing, because my real 1st TV-appearance. The recording had to be interrupted, because the talkmaster Ruedi Vorburger was driven to tears about the content of „Die Papierfabrik“…for the 33minutes-clip were 5 hours of preparation necessary: hair-dresser, make-up, styling, briefing, check-up, recording, re-recording, casting…at the end the director said:

Game, set & match!



KiFF Poster and Backstage-Card


KiFF, unfortunately no-one took a pic of me on stage while reading!


Big support from my little brother Robi!


Talking with Ruedi Vorburger, he was in my apprenticeship-days one of my masters



SWISS has brought me back home in time. Crunchy tan and with a lot of adventures in my bag (see pics).

My expectations were not only fulfilled but much more surpassed. My stay in Buenos Aires was exciting and beautiful. Lovely thanks to Ignacio Di Toma Mues, chief editor of „El barrio de Villa Pueyrredon“, Ramon Cuevas Moderator Radio FM Universe Buenos Aires and Tim Cappelmann journalist of „Argentinisches Tageblatt“, and of course to my relations.

Now I’m back in my paradise here at home. Spring is knocking at the door, daffodils and hyacinths are looking cheeky to me; they’re the natural dividends of my garden work, another passion of mine…how’s a saying: who plants a garden, plants happiness? I am, because the things develop so well!

Besos, Sina

Lazy lunch

lazy lunch with cousin Claudia, protagonists auntie Anna &
uncle Pasquale, their grandchild Lucio


my biggest fan Lucio, posing on granddad’s 61 Bergantin


my writing chamber


Nightlife/ing with Ramon


my 1st interview@ Argentinisches Tageblatt, the founder of the
newspaper, Roberto Aléman, has swiss roots,
originally from Berne

San Telmo

Jazz meets Tango in San Telmo


Aconcagua – Did you know, that „Seven years in Tibet“ has been shot here
at the foothills of the Cordillera-range?


In Mendoza I visited a few winerys and tasted lots of Malbec
and other wines ;o) Mendoza is a well-off place, not only
about the wine-export, but touristic as well, about hikers
trekkers and skiers