Literature days in Solothurn

Solothurn is the capital town of the canton Solothurn. The canton where I was born and grew up, my roots are exactly in a geographical region called „Niederamt“ and it’s on the foothills of the jurassic-range.
I moved at the age of 24 to the neighbour-canton Aargau and I live since then here.

Solothurn is also well-known for the annual literature days. Well-known or nearly famous authors come here to introduce their new books with readings. It was a honour for me to be here, being a member of the femscript-network of writing women and introduce my book at the stand to the visitors.

I had the pleasure to join Feridun Zaimoglu’s introduction and new book, it was very amusing and a little bit different from the common readings, we had a lot to laugh. Feridun has an unbeatable good sense of humour!


Feridun Zaimoglu, the author of the bestseller „Kanak sprak“

Foire du livre St. Louis/France


The ASIS (Association of the italian writers in Switzerland) has been invited to take part at the book fair in St. Louis. I had no reading there, we „only“ had our stand and introduced our association to the visitors and make it well-known to the neighbour-country.


creating paper

Next to our stand, there was a man creating paper and
this was very interesting to see, how paper comes out!



For the 2nd time I was invited for a reading at the book fair in Basel. This time I took the opportunity to make the IG Secondas and our ideas well-known too, wearing the shirt and sensitize to the coming election about releaved naturalization.

I wrote about the topic migration and I am a daughter of the 1st generation imigrants, so my background is done and I am like many others in a transition generation. In a few months there will be the important election about naturalization of imigrants, I’ll write in a later article about!


go for the 2nd time!