A BIG Thank You for 2017 to…

A BIG Thank you for a great 2017 as always to my family, close friends and:
Patricia Aschilier & the clan of Schweizer Schreibfrauen, Adriana Assini, Alfonso Bottone (incostieramalfitana.it), Francesco Capo @ Appia Polis, Gianfranco Carozza Reporter @ Appia Polis, Francesco Citarella supporter of Ravello 2020, Michele Citro (Edizioni Paguro), Nicola Conforti La Sorgente & Salvatore Conforti, Antonio Di Giovanni @ Radio Polo & journalist, Helmut Dworschak (Der Landbote), Vincenzo Giaccoli @ Radio Polo, Rossella Graziuso (www.donneallospecchio.it), Antonietta Grüter, Hotel Parco dei Principi Giulianova, La Città di Salerno, Libreria Imagine’s Book Salerno, Corrado S Magro, Umberto Gerardo Malanga, Graziano Mazzocchi, Anna Maria Noia, Andrea Pellegrino, Sarah Salamone (La Pagina), Solothurner Literaturtage, Werner Strähl, Francesco Testa & last, but not least Benjamin Zumsteg (swiboo.ch)!

Interview @ Radio Polo

I had the pleasure to get interviewed by the journalist Antonio Di Giovanni @ Radio Polo. In one hour we’ve been talking about passions, culture, migration, integration, slavery, love, concept, entity and many other things on the programme „Senza Frequenza“.

The interview will be streamed on Monday 12th June, 8.30 pm on www.radiopolo.org

Grazie mille Antonio!


A big thank you for 2016!

Thank you for having made MY 2016 to another blessed year!!!

As always my family, relatives, friends & the involved ones: Gino Aloisio, Basilia Amatruda, Yabgu Ramazan Balkaç Yrb, Sheyla Bobba, Claudia Bonasi, Sonja Brussolo, Toni Capuozzo, Gianfranco Carozza, Tonino Caruso, Citizens of Albori, Raito & Vietri/Amalfi Coast, Michele Citro, Nicola Conforti, Salvatore Conforti, Maria Dea Covella, Giuseppe D’Angelo, Donatella de Bartolomeis, Giovanni De Simone, Der Landbote Winterthur, Francesca del Vicario, Antonio Di Giovanni, Silvio Di Giulio, Jeanette Dinkel, Eco Bistrot Salerno, Marcelo Benini El Barrio de Pueyrredon Buenos Aires, Fabrizio Falasca, Luca Filipponi, Buchhandlung Furrer Bremgarten, Federica Feddie Girardi, Angelo Giubileo, Francesco Grillo, Ina Haller, Maya Hostettler, all at IKUBO, Maria Grazia Salpietro of Joseph Beuys Ed Oltre, La Città di Salerno, Francesco Leo, LibriCo.Italia, Lira TV Salerno, Umberto Gerardo Malanga, Eleonora Marsella, Floriana Mastandrea, Concetta Mattia Pro Loco Caposele, Paolo Aurelio Monteleone Radio Italia Uno Adelaide/Australia, Danilo Napoli, Danilo Napoli (actor), Anna Maria Noia, online-platforms: Romancebooklover, Salernoinweb, Spoletonline, Annamaria Marianna Panariello, Marco Patuzzi,Franco Picarone, Vittorio Piccirillo, Vito Pinto, Flor Pomar, Fabio Pozzerle, Claudia Renna, Chiara Ricci, Marianne Richarz, Roma 3 Radio, Claudio Sara,Graziana Santamaria, Nunzia Schiavone, Zaira Sellerio,Gaetano Siino,Barbara Spatuzzi,Hanna Steinegger, Stadtanzeiger Olten, Werner & Lilo Strähl, Tele Romana, TG Quarta Rete, Soraya Tiezzi,Adriana Zammarrelli, Benjamin Zumsteg – it was a great pleasure to work or collaborate with you!

Happy New 2017!✨✌️Love, Sina


Radio Italia Uno Adelaide Inc. Australia – Interview

Hello Australia!

It was a great pleasure being interviewed by Paolo Aurelio Monteleone, who’s working at this radio station. We recorded this interview via messenger in the middle of the night! In this interview I talked about my books, all the beautiful adventures I experienced and revealed a bit more about my family and private life. It’s a good thing to reach the Italian community in Down Under and of course, the interview can be heard worldwide! Grazie mille Paolo Aurelio!!!

The first broadcasting will be on Sunday 6th november 2016, 5.30 am CET and will be broadcasted on other days to different hours! Just have a listen 🙂 on channel 1629 AM:



Ambassador Joseph Beuys Association

I’m pleased to announce, Joseph Beuys Association has appointed me as worldwide cultural ambassador!
I feel very honored and appreciate this a lot, as a wonderful recognition of my cultural work.

We will celebrate this announcement officially on coming July in Raito/Amalfi Coast-Italy!

Grazie mille, Maria Grazia Salpietro, President of Joseph Beuys Association

Book varnishing Part two

Vernissage (23)

I decided not to read out of my book, as this is something the reader can do by himself. I told to the guests how the idea of this novel was born and developed over the years.

My editor and proofreader Werner Strähl and I were amused to tell to the guests some amusing points about my written sentences, how they sounded when he read them and called me in the middle of the night „hey Sina, but what the earth do you mean with these words? Please explain me!“.

Or we revealed some secrets around the book (especially the cover), which made laugh a lot the guests. And I was very impressed, as Werner read out of the book with his strong voice…everyone was frightened ;o)

Vernissage (16)

Werner explains to the guests, the rules of a book
coaster and the seed box; that’s producing a book!


Proud of holding my new work in the hands.

Mille grazie, Guerrino/Werner, working with you was
a great pleasure and honour; you gave to my book
perfection and aesthetics.

Thanks to the staff of Panini-Bar for hosting us exquisitely &
you got the best „cioccolata densa“ in town!


The event will be held at the Panini-Bar in Aarau on Saturday 2nd November 2013, 6 – 8 pm with a closed group of guests. The event will probably be recorded and uploaded on Youtube ;o)


Signed copies of it are travelling already to Buenos Aires, Cape Town & Dubai!