Book Varnishing

Hi everybody!

My book varnishing will be well remembered to my guests. They all could live a beautiful experience in the wine cellar @ restaurant Hirschen, with mediterranean delicacies, good wine, candle-light and the story in living form, because there were the other protagonists of the book present and they were glad to talk about their own story. Many thanks for the flowers I received!


Auntie Lisa is happy, to have her part in the book,
she was the godmother of my book…well, our family-book!


the other protagonists of the book: my mother, auntie Lisa & uncle Francesco


auntie Anna’s old passport and the one way ship-ticket Naples to Buenos Aires

The making of…

Here you have a little foretaste of my coming book!


Estacion Retiro Buenos Aires, in the far 17th April 1964 my aunt’s ship
landed in the harbour of Buenos Aires. There her husband welcomed her…


…by train introduced her to their new home in the quarter Villa Pueyrredon…


My uncle tried in Buenos Aires a career as opera-singer,
as remembrance he has got two records, you can only
hear them on a grammophone


my aunt succeeded with the founding of her own paper factory