IKUBO – Interkulturelle Bibliothek Olten, Lesung 7.4.2016 (Book reading @ Intercultural Library Olten)

This time I got a home play for a reading!
On the occasion of the general assembly of IKUBO, I’ve been invited for a book-reading. IKUBO (Intercultural Library Olten) is an association supported by volunteers with the reading promotion for children. Several school-classes visit this library with a variety of books in different languages and are holding their lessons there. Usually the library organizes readings in different languages and is engaged with integration work.

I’ve experienced a very interesting and exciting exchange there! Here are some pics:

IKUBO Olten00009

On my left a library of 28 languages!

IKUBO Olten00014

Members of board IKUBO

IKUBO Olten00015

My donation & contribution to integration, with president Yagbu Balkaç

For more infos visit their homepage www.ikubo.ch