University of Michigan (Part 1)

In these days an interesting inquiry via Mail reached our president Ivica Petrusic of our Second@s Plus party. It was Mrs Dr. Zinggeler, professor of german language at the Eastern Michigan University, explaining that she likes to do a study about german literature of the Second@s and was looking for authors of them.

Ivica asked me kindly to contact Mrs Zinggeler and I sent her afterwards a signed copy of my book „Die Papierfabrik“ and we would keep in touch.  She herself is preparing her book of her study, which will be published at the beginning of 2011.

I’m really looking forward to a signed copy of her book in my I’m always very excited to get a new born book!

Good luck Mrs Zinggeler, my fingers are crossed for you!


lazy coffee-break in Georgetown-Washington…I couldn’t imagine what would
expect me on my return home…every mission has a mission!