12. JugendArt Olten

I was invited short-termed to the JugendArt in Olten for a reading. So I don’t appear by name on the poster. Again I had stage fright, but great support from my closest friend Sandi and her mother, thanks!



Schützi Olten


on stage!



At the 1st book fair in Basel I met the 1st time the managers of my publisher house, Dr. Hänsel-Hohenhausen and Stefan Fassel-Wenz, as well my production supporter Björn Bordon. During the production we only were in contact by phone or mail.

At the fair I had ten minutes left to read a few lines of my written work. There were a lot of visitors walking from stand to stand and some of them were very attentive to listen to my spoken words…I sold a few books too and had my fun to autograph them!

With my publisher I spoke already about my idea of the filming, but this is another branch and a much more difficult one,not to underestimate!

Welcome in a vain circus!



Stefan Fassel-Wenz, my discoverer


flirting with…


…the camera

Die Papierfabrik

Here it is, visible and in a few days readable!

This book is dedicated first to my aunt Anna in Buenos Aires, it’s her lifestory and to the people to who I’m tied with love.

Dedicated as well to the gentlemen, from who I got many roses
Dedicated as well to the unfair ones, who were very bad to me
Dedicated as well to the few, who let me down, while I believed in them

And finally to all the little people around me, which will be our future tomorrow!

My journey goes on, a lot of new things are expecting me, in my bag I carry the good moments along, that’s the stuff life’s made of; simply for the ones, who don’t know this yet…



My first book & the bookmarks