A new day has come!

Dear family & friends

Just in time with my new years greets, I have two other pleasant news:

1st: I’m enjoying a good coming recovery, at this point I’d like to thank everyone for the many visits at hospital, phone calls, cards, chocolates, prosecco, gifts and flowers; I felt immediately better!

2nd: before X-mas I signed my contract with the publisher Fouqué in Frankfurt. At the same time my manusscript ran into production, that means, lectors and correctors are busy with  my manus, the layouters with the draft of the whole book, I had my first shooting and this year I will do a lot of promotion, so the representatives of the publisher have to distribute my book. You can read…we have all hands full to do!

The availability is worldwide and will be published in german language, maybe later in spanish, italian and english.  Early to the book fair in Basel 2.5. – 4.5.03, the press will get the 1st copies, starting from 5.5.03 the book is available in every book shop.  I made safe with the contract the filming rights as well, because a movie of it is one of my another projects and wish.

In a few month you will discover between the covers my wonderful work. I suceeded in verbalizing all my lifeblood and emotions, I’m very proud about my work, two years of hard work lay in it.
I reached my zenith, but my mission goes on, writing is my life and inspiration, exciting work’s waiting for me, but we’ll party together, I promise!

Thank you all for the great support!!! Love, Sina

„Die Papierfabrik“, Edition Der Goldene Hahn, Fouqué Literaturverlag Frankfurt