My books: Die Papierfabrik – La Cartiera – Nebel über Durban – Nebbia su Durban – E38

E38                             ISBN 978-3-033-07681-5 (in German)

Publisher and Distribution: The Paper Factory by Sina Merino
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Die Papierfabrik      ISBN 978-3-906112-33-6
La Cartiera (ital.)     ISBN 978-3-906112-35-0 (2nd edition)

Nebel über Durban ISBN 978-3-906112-09-1
Nebbia su Durban   ISBN 978-3-906112-82-4

Publisher and Distributor: @ Zumsteg Druck AG, Fritech-Park, Untere Grubenstrasse 1, 5070 Frick / Switzerland
Contact: Benjamin Zumsteg CEO, phone +41 62 865 40 94, is an official publisher and member of the Swiss Book Association

La Cartiera (ital.)    ISBN 978-88-99509-16-3 (3rd edition with foreword of Giuseppe D’Angelo, professor of contemporary history at University of Salerno/I)

Publisher and Distributor: @ Casa Editrice Paguro, Via Ferrovia 70, 84085 Mercato San Severino (SA)/Italy
Contact: Michele Citro CEO, phone 0039 089 821723,

Edizioni Paguro is an official publisher and member of the Italian Book Association

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30.5.2021 Radio Spital Luz (Lucern) Interview by Marco Hutschenreuther

Radio moderator Marco Hutschenreuther works at the hospital Radio Luz in Lucerne (CH). He invited me via phone call for an interview and to talk about „E38“! He travelled vocally in the ears of the listeners and read from the first chapter of the book! It was a pleasure and fun to hear him and me airing. Regrettably it was not possible to visit him at the radio station, due to Covid-restrictions. It should be possible to hear the interview of about 10 minutes on!

26.5.2021 Swiss National Reading Day @ Primary School Zofingen

Once a year my employer offers me the opportunity to do a volunteering. I do this with great pleasure at primary school Zofingen (CH), as my niece and nephew are pupils there. I started two years ago as a fairy-tale auntie, last year it was not possible due to Covid-restrictions and this year I decided for a mini-workshop „How to write a book!“. The pupils are on a good way to read themselves, so I thought it would be better to explain and tell what it takes to write a story – this was very welcomed by the teachers. It’s still a big issue, that many kids can’t go to school, because they live in dire situations and their parents can’t afford the money for school and books. It’s still a big issue the illiteracy or dyslexia, which can be trained by a speech therapist. I wanted to encourage the kids, to read more than spending time with gaming on a computer or surfing the net. I told them, that all the „Bigs“ started as „Small“ and they got all the potential to develop their talent! It was really great fun in these classes! Thanks to all the pupils and teachers for welcoming me!

11.5.21 Interview @ Cammarata WEBTV

Claudia Cammarata regularly invites writers, actors and other artists in her Live-Streaming „Cammarata WEBTV“, it was my turn on 11th may, talking with other writer colleagues about the topic „Il viaggio“ (The journey). Myself was talking about „La Cartiera“  (The Paper Factory) and mentioned by the way my other two works, which probably will be the next discussion on Cammarata WEBTV. You can find the clip on YouTube by searching of Cammarata WEBTV & and it’s held in italian language!

La Sorgente Nr. 101 „No alla violenza“ (No to violence)

Regrettably during the lockdown has increased the domestic violence and hit children too, in some cases pets. About this I’m writing in this article, but there’s another violence standing out: the virtual or psychological one. It’s very cowardly how some individuals abuse the socials to use pictures of the unaware of being a target of offenses at very low level. I invite the followers not to put a like at such postings, but to warn about this illegality. Myself I did and got intimidated…!

La Sorgente Nr. 100 „Distopia Covid-19“

„La Sorgente“ is a local magazine of Caposele/Italy (Hometown of my parents) which is distributed worldwide to Italian immigrants. I feel very honored, and this over many years, to be part of it and contribute regularly with some articles. I was asked from director Nicola Conforti last spring to write something for the 1ooth issue. At that time, we know, Covid-19 was at its peak and with measures taken, all of us were confident to get a grip…
I experienced the lockdown in a dystopian state: no living soul around in town, looking for food, the family at a distance…the slogan was keep social distance! In my opinion the right one would have sound: physical distance.
Regrettably the pandemic has beaten back much more violently! Myself I’m an optimistic person, but this time I must admit we will feel hard times and pass severe trials. Stay strong and safe!

26.9.20 Reading @ Realisierbar, Steinen

Being member of the Swiss Writing Women (Schweizer Schreibfrauen), I was honored to hold the premiere of reading at the new opened Realisierbar. Together with my writing colleague Dorothe Zürcher, we delivered a very thrilling and creepy reading!
Dorothe is a well-known historian, specialized on saga’s of the town of Zurich and some other Swiss town’s. She read some passages of her new saga „Der Schwarze Garten“ (The Black Garden – it’s an old building in the old part of Zurich).
We later found out, that earlier at Realisierbar was the premiere of the well-known song „Steiner Chilbi“. Regrettably I don’t know the formerly name of this place! Realisierbar has been created by Jeanette Blank and offers a wide range of activities, please get in touch via

Ready for some nightmare?

17.9.20 Reading @ Café Amboss, Bern

So we finally did it!

Covid-19 has turned upside down the literary world as well! It’s possible now to hold readings in compliance to the regulations. It was a pleasure to start up with my colleague writers Monique Baeriswyl and Conny Vischer.
Monique’s novels thematize the Celts. She discovered many years ago during a walk in the forest, close to her home, celtic remains. She later researched together with an archaeologist, that there is probably a celtic village underneath the ground.
Conny loves Scotland and their old stories of the clans, in her novel she writes about the everlasting hostility between the MacDonald’s and Campbell’s…and the tribal war between this clans was 500 years ago!
Myself did a deep dive into cyberwar and witchcraft. During a sleepless night last year, I spent some time zapping on TV and saw an interesting documentary about the darknet, this was the trigger to „E38“!

It’s funny to be a fortune teller!