My books: Die Papierfabrik – La Cartiera – Nebel über Durban – Nebbia su Durban (Haze over Durban)

Die Papierfabrik      ISBN 978-3-906112-33-6
La Cartiera (ital.)     ISBN 978-3-906112-35-0 (2nd edition)

Nebel über Durban ISBN 978-3-906112-09-1
Nebbia su Durban   ISBN 978-3-906112-82-4

Publisher and Distributor: @ Zumsteg Druck AG, Fritech-Park, Untere Grubenstrasse 1, 5070 Frick / Switzerland
Contact: Benjamin Zumsteg CEO, phone +41 62 865 40 94, is an official publisher and member of the Swiss Book Association

La Cartiera (ital.)    ISBN 978-88-99509-16-3 (3rd edition with foreword of Giuseppe D’Angelo, professor of contemporary history at University of Salerno/I

Publisher and Distributor: @ Casa Editrice Paguro, Via Ferrovia 70, 84085 Mercato San Severino (SA)/Italy
Contact: Michele Citro CEO, phone 0039 089 821723,

Edizioni Paguro is an official publisher and member of the Italian Book Association

Enquiries for book-readings in CH/D/A and other countries: get in touch via (publishing director)
Enquiries for book-readings in Italy:                                             get in touch via with Michele Citro (CEO Edizioni Paguro)

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in Switzerland:
24.3.2017            ***Cancelled & postponed- due to logistic reasons!***Lucerne, @ Incontro Italia – Italienische Sprachschule
29.4.2017            Niedergösgen, location and time will be announced soon!
second half 17    hopefully in Zurich – the committee is setting up the program!
second half 17    Lucerne @ Incontro Italia, date & time will be announced in time!

in Italy prospectively:
1oth – 12th June on tour in Italy
12th June 2017   Salerno, location & time to be announced soon!

Sept                     Raitolibri 2017, to be confirmed soon, committee is setting up the program!
Sept                     Premio letterario nazionale Borgo Albori 2017, to be confirmed
Sept                     Spoleto Art Festival 2017, to be confirmed

Books already sold to these countries: Argentina, Brazil, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguay & USA! 

About Nebel über Durban (Haze over Durban):

Ein Kriminalroman? A thriller?
Eine Liebesgeschichte? A love story?
Ein historisches Dokument? A historical document?
Ein Zeitzeuge der Apartheid? A witness to Apartheid?
Ein Griff in die Trickkiste? A handle to the bag of tricks?

Alles in allem – einfach fesselnd!!!
All in all – simply captivating!!!
(Werner Strähl)

Out on 3rd March 2017 „Nebbia su Durban“ (

I’m glad to announce, that after 3 years of the publishing of „Nebel über Durban“, the Italian version has been published now!
Many thanks to my Swiss publisher Benny Zumsteg of & my corrector Werner Straehl; we look back of common work for over three years, in publishing four books… and a fifth is coming along for 2018! But slowly- one thing after other!

A big thank you for 2016!

Thank you for having made MY 2016 to another blessed year!!!

As always my family, relatives, friends & the involved ones: Gino Aloisio, Basilia Amatruda, Yabgu Ramazan Balkaç Yrb, Sheyla Bobba, Claudia Bonasi, Sonja Brussolo, Toni Capuozzo, Gianfranco Carozza, Tonino Caruso, Citizens of Albori, Raito & Vietri/Amalfi Coast, Michele Citro, Nicola Conforti, Salvatore Conforti, Maria Dea Covella, Giuseppe D’Angelo, Donatella de Bartolomeis, Giovanni De Simone, Der Landbote Winterthur, Francesca del Vicario, Antonio Di Giovanni, Silvio Di Giulio, Jeanette Dinkel, Eco Bistrot Salerno, Marcelo Benini El Barrio de Pueyrredon Buenos Aires, Fabrizio Falasca, Luca Filipponi, Buchhandlung Furrer Bremgarten, Federica Feddie Girardi, Angelo Giubileo, Francesco Grillo, Ina Haller, Maya Hostettler, all at IKUBO, Maria Grazia Salpietro of Joseph Beuys Ed Oltre, La Città di Salerno, Francesco Leo, LibriCo.Italia, Lira TV Salerno, Umberto Gerardo Malanga, Eleonora Marsella, Floriana Mastandrea, Concetta Mattia Pro Loco Caposele, Paolo Aurelio Monteleone Radio Italia Uno Adelaide/Australia, Danilo Napoli, Danilo Napoli (actor), Anna Maria Noia, online-platforms: Romancebooklover, Salernoinweb, Spoletonline, Annamaria Marianna Panariello, Marco Patuzzi,Franco Picarone, Vittorio Piccirillo, Vito Pinto, Flor Pomar, Fabio Pozzerle, Claudia Renna, Chiara Ricci, Marianne Richarz, Roma 3 Radio, Claudio Sara,Graziana Santamaria, Nunzia Schiavone, Zaira Sellerio,Gaetano Siino,Barbara Spatuzzi,Hanna Steinegger, Stadtanzeiger Olten, Werner & Lilo Strähl, Tele Romana, TG Quarta Rete, Soraya Tiezzi,Adriana Zammarrelli, Benjamin Zumsteg – it was a great pleasure to work or collaborate with you!

Happy New 2017!✨✌️Love, Sina


La Sorgente Nr. 93 / dicembre 2016 „Eventi letterari“

I feel very honored, the local newspaper „La Sorgente“ of Caposele (AV)/Italy has given us a space to the past events on Amalfi Coast. Many thanks as always for their support to Nicola Conforti, director and his son Salvatore Caposele. As always thanks to Maria Grazia Salpietro, president of Joseph Beuys Association and vice-president Francesco Grillo! The newspaper will be sent out to all Italian subscribers over the world and about in one month it will be online.


Maria Grazia Salpietro, Michele Citro, Francesco Grillo                                                                      up Toni Capuozzo & Vincenzo Fresa

PuraCultura „Sina – Il ritorno a casa“ (9.11.16)

A wonderful review by Claudia Bonasi, director of the culture magazine „PuraCultura“, which regularly is distributed at the bars of University of Salerno (I), various hotels & resorts along Amalfi-Coast, various bars, theatre’s, cinemas, museums, galleries, sport clubs & rail station around the region of Salerno.
I met Claudia at the Grand Galà of Albori last September, after the event she told me to be impressed about my literary and artistic work and she would like to write a review. Here it is, my lucky hormones-this really rocks! Grazie mille Claudia Bonasi @!