My books: Die Papierfabrik – La Cartiera – Nebel über Durban – Nebbia su Durban (Haze over Durban)

Die Papierfabrik      ISBN 978-3-906112-33-6
La Cartiera (ital.)     ISBN 978-3-906112-35-0 (2nd edition)

Nebel über Durban ISBN 978-3-906112-09-1
Nebbia su Durban   ISBN 978-3-906112-82-4

Publisher and Distributor: @ Zumsteg Druck AG, Fritech-Park, Untere Grubenstrasse 1, 5070 Frick / Switzerland
Contact: Benjamin Zumsteg CEO, phone +41 62 865 40 94, is an official publisher and member of the Swiss Book Association

La Cartiera (ital.)    ISBN 978-88-99509-16-3 (3rd edition with foreword of Giuseppe D’Angelo, professor of contemporary history at University of Salerno/I)

Publisher and Distributor: @ Casa Editrice Paguro, Via Ferrovia 70, 84085 Mercato San Severino (SA)/Italy
Contact: Michele Citro CEO, phone 0039 089 821723,

Edizioni Paguro is an official publisher and member of the Italian Book Association

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Enquiries for book-readings in Italy:                                             get in touch via with Michele Citro (CEO Edizioni Paguro)

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22.03.2019     Reading @ Fabrica – Ceramic Factory in Vietri/Amalfi Coast, 6.30 pm – the event is organized by La Congrega     Letteraria Vietri/Italy***POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE – DUE TO THE TRAGIC LOSS of FRANCESCO CITARELLA***

Books already sold to these countries: Argentina, Brazil, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguay & USA! 

About Nebel über Durban (Haze over Durban):

Ein Kriminalroman? A thriller?
Eine Liebesgeschichte? A love story?
Ein historisches Dokument? A historical document?
Ein Zeitzeuge der Apartheid? A witness to Apartheid?
Ein Griff in die Trickkiste? A handle to the bag of tricks?

Alles in allem – einfach fesselnd!!!
All in all – simply captivating!!!
(Werner Strähl)

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12.2.20 La Sorgente – Intervista con Anna Donatiello, protagonista de „La Cartiera“

It has come to the 99th half-yearly issue of the magazine „La Sorgente“ and this time the space is dedicated to my auntie Anna. During her last holiday in 2019, I interviewed her, it’s in Italian – maybe to a later time it will be translated into Spanish and English. Grazie mille to Nicola Conforti, Director of La Sorgente for all his support during the last years – looking forward to the 100ed issue sometime in Summer!

28.12.2019 A BIG Thank you!

A BIG Thank you as always to my family & close friends, and: Patricia Aschilier and all my mates @ Schweizer Schreibfrauen, Gianfranco Carozza, Nicola Conforti La Sorgente & Salvatore Conforti, Maria Dea Covella @ Primarschule Olten, Anna Donatiello, Azadeh Eshaghi, Fabrica Vietri, Susanne Gantner, Antonio Gazia @ La Congrega Letteraria, Nicola Guarino @ Cli Niedergösgen-Schönenwerd, Jasmin Jaggi @ Koala-Kinderkrippe Aarau Rohr, Daniel Kölliker @ ONO Bern, Aniello Palumbo, Giovito Russo, Karin Mayerhofer Dobler, Joana Studer @ Primarschule Zofingen, Alexandra Von Arx @ ONO Bern, Michelle Von Däniken @ Primarschule Zofingen. Last but not least to my Co-Producer Werner Strähl; there’s more to come in 2020!

2.10.2019 Reading @ Theater ONO – Bern

Together with Susanne Gantner, Giovito Russo & Daniel Woodtli, we entertained the audience at theater ONO in Bern. Susanne read cutouts of her thriller „One Gloria to die for (Ein Gloria zum Sterben)“, Giovito poetries of „No advertising, please!(Keine Werbung, prego!) and me cutouts of „Haze over Durban (Nebel über Durban). Daniel Woodtli underlined our reading with his trumpet and some other strange instruments I’m not able to define! All in all it was a very good evening and as the Bernese use to say „Es het gfägt!“ (It has swept!). Did you know, that in Bern is used to talk Matten-English?

Susanne Gantner & Giovito Russo

2.10.2019 Literatur Freier Lesesessel @ Theater ONO Bern / Literature Free Reading Chair!

Hi there, my next reading will take place on 2nd October 2019 @ at the well-known cultural local ONO in Bern. For me it’s my second performance in the beautiful Swiss Capital! I’ll be reading some cutouts of my novel „Nebel über Durben/Haze over Durban“. And this time I will join my writing mates Karin Mayerhofer Dobler, Susanne Gantner & Giovito Russo. Our readings will be musically framed by Daniel Woodtli! Presentation by Alexandra Von Arx. More Infos

22.5.19 Schweizer Vorlesetag – Swiss Read Out Day

On 22nd of May 19 was the official read out day all over Switzerland, I did my read out as volunteer in the role of a fairy tale auntie one week before. I enjoyed reading Trudi Gerster’s and Sandy Jud’s fairy tales. The kids did a great job, were curious and told me about their young life. I told the kids to be always attentive to what teachers explain and read a lot, because it’s important for their growth.

Many thanks to Maria Dea Covella @ Primary School Olten Bifang, Joana Studer & Michelle von Däniken @ Primary School Zofingen, Jasmin Jaggi @ nursery Kita Koalabär Aarau Rohr & your pupils and toddlers for the warm welcome! Your Thank-You with shiny little eyes was the best applause for me!!!



14.5.19 Schweizer Vorlesetag – Swiss Read Out Day

On this day I’ll do my volounteering in the name of my employeer, as a fairy godmother. I’ll be reading at various nurseries and primary schools, reading out from Trudi Gerster’s „Swiss Fairytales“ and Sandy Jud’s “ Für Dich mein Schatz hat es auch noch Platz“. For safety reasons not mentioned where the readings will took place, thanks for your comprehension.

22.3.19 ***POSTICIPATO*** Tè letterario con libri @ Fabrica – Vietri sul mare (Amalfi Coast)

***L’evento è rimandato dovuto alla tragica scomparsa di Francesco Citarella!***
***The event is postponed due to the tragic loss of Francesco Citarella***
RIP Francesco!

TÈ LETTERARIO con i libri:
„Poesie delle notti bianche“, di Maria Rosaria Amato, Oèdipus Edizioni; e
„La Cartiera“, di Sina Merino, Edizioni Paguro;
Venerdì 22 Marzo, ore 18:30 in Vicolo Passariello n°9 presso Fabrĭca – Vietri sul Mare.
Ne discuterà con le autrici il giornalista Aniello Palumbo.

Saranno serviti pasticcini e tè in tazze di ceramica vietrese realizzate per l’occasione dalle nostre talentuose ospiti, le artiste Little FreakElisa D’Arienzo e Giorgina Daniela Scalese.

Grazie mille Francesco Citarella & Antonio Gazia @ La Congrega Letteraria