My books: Die Papierfabrik – La Cartiera – Nebel über Durban – Nebbia su Durban (Haze over Durban)

Die Papierfabrik      ISBN 978-3-906112-33-6
La Cartiera (ital.)     ISBN 978-3-906112-35-0 (2nd edition)

Nebel über Durban ISBN 978-3-906112-09-1
Nebbia su Durban   ISBN 978-3-906112-82-4

Publisher and Distributor: @ Zumsteg Druck AG, Fritech-Park, Untere Grubenstrasse 1, 5070 Frick / Switzerland
Contact: Benjamin Zumsteg CEO, phone +41 62 865 40 94, is an official publisher and member of the Swiss Book Association

La Cartiera (ital.)    ISBN 978-88-99509-16-3 (3rd edition with foreword of Giuseppe D’Angelo, professor of contemporary history at University of Salerno/I

Publisher and Distributor: @ Casa Editrice Paguro, Via Ferrovia 70, 84085 Mercato San Severino (SA)/Italy
Contact: Michele Citro CEO, phone 0039 089 821723,

Edizioni Paguro is an official publisher and member of the Italian Book Association

Enquiries for book-readings in CH/D/A and other countries: get in touch via (publishing director)
Enquiries for book-readings in Italy:                                             get in touch via with Michele Citro (CEO Edizioni Paguro)

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in Switzerland:
26. May 2018          Bern @ Open Stage 3.0 – Kunst und Kulturhaus, vis-a-vis Gerechtigkeitsgasse 44, 14.20 – 14.45!
June 2018                Rüti @ Il Ponte, to be confirmed
13. Sept. 2018          Obergösgen @ Bücherstube

in Italy:
Schedule for August in planning!

Books already sold to these countries: Argentina, Brazil, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguay & USA! 

About Nebel über Durban (Haze over Durban):

Ein Kriminalroman? A thriller?
Eine Liebesgeschichte? A love story?
Ein historisches Dokument? A historical document?
Ein Zeitzeuge der Apartheid? A witness to Apartheid?
Ein Griff in die Trickkiste? A handle to the bag of tricks?

Alles in allem – einfach fesselnd!!!
All in all – simply captivating!!!
(Werner Strähl)

26.5.2018 Reading @ Open Stage #3.0 Bern

I was honored to be the opener of the 3rd event of Open Stage in Bern. This event is managed by a couple of young, talented artist, who offer an open stage to all beginners in various arts. Lovely thanks to Lena Glanzmann, Patrick Weissbaum, the two Martina’s for having me! Thanks as well to Nicolas Miche for the pics!

Interview by Radio Bern on the red carpet 🙂

26.5.2018 Open Stage #3.0 @ Kunst- und Kulturhaus Bern

26.5.2018 im Kunst- und Kulturhaus Bern! 14 – 22 Uhr
Das Programm für die OpenStage 3.0 steht endlich fest: Sina Merino, Onawine, Sketchomat, Eliane Hürlimann, What if?, Andi Erb, Rüdisühli Fritz, Galghad, BIGMaa., Natalia Ganzoni, Andariegas, La cosa nostra, Larissa Müller, Carmen Capiti & Bernavernos! Jetzt kann’s losgehen!
Radio RaBe überträgt in der Sendung „Bölz no eis“ live zwischen 16 – 18 Uhr!

5.5.2018 Presentazione & Reading @ Incontro Italia Lucerna

Together with Carlo Simonelli I enjoyed a very grateful event @ Incontro Italia Lucerne, hosted by Rossana Muzzi, director of the school. There were some representatives from other literature associations, who showed interest in booking us for next year events. Most of all I was took by surprise as my cousin, daughter of my auntie Anna of the „Paper Factory“, bumped in and showed up as a real witness of the story!

               Rossana Muzzi & Carlo Simonelli

Author’s book change 🙂

La Sorgente Nr. 95 / Ambasciatrice culturale internazionale

The half-yearly issue of the local magazine of Caposele (I) „La Sorgente“, honors me for the merits I’ve done over past few years, especially on Italian territory. The magazine is sent to all Italians living abroad, spread over the planet and it’s appreciate for keeping a relationship to their mother country. I feel very honored, grazie mille to the director Nicola Conforti & Salvatore Conforti and let’s get on to issue Nr. 100!

A BIG Thank You for 2017 to…

A BIG Thank you for a great 2017 as always to my family, close friends and:
Patricia Aschilier & the clan of Schweizer Schreibfrauen, Adriana Assini, Alfonso Bottone (, Francesco Capo @ Appia Polis, Gianfranco Carozza Reporter @ Appia Polis, Francesco Citarella supporter of Ravello 2020, Michele Citro (Edizioni Paguro), Nicola Conforti La Sorgente & Salvatore Conforti, Antonio Di Giovanni @ Radio Polo & journalist, Helmut Dworschak (Der Landbote), Vincenzo Giaccoli @ Radio Polo, Rossella Graziuso (, Antonietta Grüter, Hotel Parco dei Principi Giulianova, La Città di Salerno, Libreria Imagine’s Book Salerno, Corrado S Magro, Umberto Gerardo Malanga, Graziano Mazzocchi, Anna Maria Noia, Andrea Pellegrino, Sarah Salamone (La Pagina), Solothurner Literaturtage, Werner Strähl, Francesco Testa & last, but not least Benjamin Zumsteg (!