My books: Die Papierfabrik – La Cartiera – Nebel über Durban – Nebbia su Durban (Haze over Durban)

Die Papierfabrik      ISBN 978-3-906112-33-6
La Cartiera (ital.)     ISBN 978-3-906112-35-0 (2nd edition)

Nebel über Durban ISBN 978-3-906112-09-1
Nebbia su Durban   ISBN 978-3-906112-82-4

Publisher and Distributor: @ Zumsteg Druck AG, Fritech-Park, Untere Grubenstrasse 1, 5070 Frick / Switzerland
Contact: Benjamin Zumsteg CEO, phone +41 62 865 40 94, is an official publisher and member of the Swiss Book Association

La Cartiera (ital.)    ISBN 978-88-99509-16-3 (3rd edition with foreword of Giuseppe D’Angelo, professor of contemporary history at University of Salerno/I)

Publisher and Distributor: @ Casa Editrice Paguro, Via Ferrovia 70, 84085 Mercato San Severino (SA)/Italy
Contact: Michele Citro CEO, phone 0039 089 821723,

Edizioni Paguro is an official publisher and member of the Italian Book Association

Enquiries for book-readings in CH/D/A and other countries: get in touch via (publishing director)
Enquiries for book-readings in Italy:                                             get in touch via with Michele Citro (CEO Edizioni Paguro)

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22.03.2019     Reading @ Fabrica – Ceramic Factory in Vietri/Amalfi Coast, 6.30 pm – the event is organized by La Congrega     Letteraria Vietri/Italy***POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE – DUE TO THE TRAGIC LOSS of FRANCESCO CITARELLA***

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About Nebel über Durban (Haze over Durban):

Ein Kriminalroman? A thriller?
Eine Liebesgeschichte? A love story?
Ein historisches Dokument? A historical document?
Ein Zeitzeuge der Apartheid? A witness to Apartheid?
Ein Griff in die Trickkiste? A handle to the bag of tricks?

Alles in allem – einfach fesselnd!!!
All in all – simply captivating!!!
(Werner Strähl)

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