Acknowledgments of my strong and weak ties

People always ask me, when I started writing? Well, my eureka moment was surely during primary school by writing compositions and short stories. My family have been with me all the time the way since, have kept my sanity in order and gave me a lot of confidence. You need loads of it, as the way ahead is gravelly  and lonely.

Thanks for your perennial support: my mum, my godmother, my brother Roberto „Robbie“ with his wife Loredana and their children Matteo and Seraina, in loving memory my late dad, my late godfather, my late step-father, all relatives and friends in my life, too many to mention, but I love you, without you my life wouldn’t be so exciting! And of course all those diligent networkers spread over the planet!

 Sina_Merino-103_previewPic by Didi Bachmann,



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