„incostieraamalfitana.it“: Napule è… / Closure & Preview 2016 of the Festival

Alfonso Bottone, director of the festival „incostieraamalfitana.it“, called us and we came to honor him in Minori, a small village on the amazing Amalfi Coast.

We celebrated with him the success of his last event and it was the opportunity to greet the 10th event for 2016, the detailed program will be announced soon and one thing is sure: I will join it again!

Napule è 7

Napule è 13

Napule è 15

Book Zone Ariano Irpino: Meet & Greet with Floriana Mastandrea

Now it’s Floriana’s turn being introduced! She’s the one responsible for the recension and reviews done in the last days. She’s a well-known journalist and cares a good networking around the globe. We met each other first over the „La Sorgente“ and kept in touch since then. It was a great pleasure to meet her personally in her home-town Ariano Irpino during her event „Book Zone-Ariano Folkfestival“. I’m sincerely grateful to her, she has done a great work, I’ve never expected it! Grazie mille Floriana Mastandrea!


Floriana und ich

Pro Loco Caposele: Books presentation „Autrici in dialogo“

The books presentation was held at Sala Polifunzionale, formerly it was the old Cinema Sele, before the earthquake of 1980 laid it in ruins.

Mirella and me got introduced firstly by Nicola Conforte, director of the local magazine La Sorgente, afterwards it was Concetta Mattia’s turn as president of the Pro Loco (the village’s organisation). Mirella’s editor, Donatella De Bartolomeis (Edizioni Il Papavero), told about few words of her publishing house, which concentrates of local authors and their written works in dialect. It was my great pleasure, finally to meet personally Gerardo  Ceres, who collaborated with me on the book, so I could him thank in persona. He was very enthusiastic to tell about how our common collaboration came out without knowing each other before, but my instinct was right!

Mirella any my idea of the event was a piece of news in the literature events, as authors are keen to be alone in the limelight. We read from each other works, questioning about and involve the visitors.

And here are some pics:




Concetta Mattia, Mirella Merino, me, Nicola Conforti & Gerardo Ceres


proud of our collaboration over the Alps!

Irpinia Post: Letteratura, a Caposele due autrici in dialogo!

The promotional italian leg is working very well, we feel very honored!

Perfetto, grazie mille!

Here’s the link to the article:



„Non solo musica nell’estate dell’Alta Irpinia. A Caposele “Autrici in Dialogo”, appuntamento letterario da un’idea di Mirella Merino e Sina Merino. Si presentano i libri delle autrici, alle ore 19.00 presso la Sala Polifunzionale. Introduzione affidata a Concetta Mattia, presidente della Proloco Caposele. Modera Nicola Conforti, direttore del periodico la sorgente. I libri sono “Lo Sguardo di Iside” e “La Cartiera”.“

Pro Loco Caposele presents: Autrici in dialogo @ Sala Polifunzionale, Caposele 19.8.2015

On Wednesday 19th august will be my next literature event together with my cousin Mirella Merino. We will present our written works and have a dialogue about!
This event has been made possible with the collaboration of Nicola Conforti (Director of La Sorgente), Concetta Mattia (President of the ProLoco Caposele) and of course of Mirella’s and my idea!
Nicola, Concetta, Mirella – I know you are the right people for this project – there’s an amazing amount of energy!


Locandina Caposele


Nicola Conforti of „La Sorgente“


Concetta Mattia of Pro Loco Caposele


Mirella Merino