29.12.2021 A vaccination called „Big Thank You“!

A vaccination called „BIG THANK YOU“💉as always to my family & close friends, and: Claudia Cammarata@ Cammarata WEBTV, Gianfranco Carozza, the late Nicola Ing Conforti, Karin Mayerhofer Dobler, Azadeh Eshaghi, Elisa Forte@LaSorgente, Corinne Heiniger,Marco Hutschenreuther@Spitalradio LuZ, Christian Imhof@qultur.ch, Monika Kocher, Giusy Mellace, the pupils@Primarschule Zofingen, Zaira Sellerio, Betty Tagliati, Delfina Carmelo Tommasini & last but not least my niece Seraina and my nephew Matteo for their inspiration ❤️!

11.11.21 Swiss National Future Day

Once a year parents can take along their children to their working place and introduce them to their job and tasks, so the kids can have a look over the shoulder, or they are able to do some little tasks too. In my case my nephew Matteo has accompanied me and he had the chance to see my working place. I introduced him to do some floor plan calculations of square meters, reading building descriptions and doing a real estate evaluation. The day was completed with an online thrilling trail of chasing and arresting a hacker. The target of this future day is to prepare the pupils to take a decision if they want to continue studies or for an apprenticeship. Switzerland is probably the only country who applies the dual system of formation by working at a company for 3 days a week and the other 2 days at the professional school. It was fun working with my nephew, but strenuous too for both 🙂 We’ll see what he wants to become!!


La Sorgente Nr. 102 „Giornata Nazionale della Letteratura ad Alta Voce“

„La Sorgente“ the worldwide magazine sent to Italian subscribers, has honored my review about the Swiss National Reading Day. The magazine is now directed by Elisa Forte and she set her fingerprint in a new layout. Sadly we heard the news by end of October the passing away of the former director Nicola Conforti. He’s wife just passed few months before and he often mourned about on the socials. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Nicola – you gave me such a good opportunity with La Sorgente. May the Earth be the light to you and rest in peace.

Lovely thanks to the pupils of primary school Zofingen – you were amazing!

RIP Nicola – that’s how I would like to keep you in mind in your wonderful garden.

30.5.2021 Radio Spital Luz (Lucern) Interview by Marco Hutschenreuther

Radio moderator Marco Hutschenreuther works at the hospital Radio Luz in Lucerne (CH). He invited me via phone call for an interview and to talk about „E38“! He travelled vocally in the ears of the listeners and read from the first chapter of the book! It was a pleasure and fun to hear him and me airing. Regrettably it was not possible to visit him at the radio station, due to Covid-restrictions. It should be possible to hear the interview of about 10 minutes on www.radioluz.ch!

26.5.2021 Swiss National Reading Day @ Primary School Zofingen

Once a year my employer offers me the opportunity to do a volunteering. I do this with great pleasure at primary school Zofingen (CH), as my niece and nephew are pupils there. I started two years ago as a fairy-tale auntie, last year it was not possible due to Covid-restrictions and this year I decided for a mini-workshop „How to write a book!“. The pupils are on a good way to read themselves, so I thought it would be better to explain and tell what it takes to write a story – this was very welcomed by the teachers. It’s still a big issue, that many kids can’t go to school, because they live in dire situations and their parents can’t afford the money for school and books. It’s still a big issue the illiteracy or dyslexia, which can be trained by a speech therapist. I wanted to encourage the kids, to read more than spending time with gaming on a computer or surfing the net. I told them, that all the „Bigs“ started as „Small“ and they got all the potential to develop their talent! It was really great fun in these classes! Thanks to all the pupils and teachers for welcoming me!

11.5.21 Interview @ Cammarata WEBTV

Claudia Cammarata regularly invites writers, actors and other artists in her Live-Streaming „Cammarata WEBTV“, it was my turn on 11th may, talking with other writer colleagues about the topic „Il viaggio“ (The journey). Myself was talking about „La Cartiera“  (The Paper Factory) and mentioned by the way my other two works, which probably will be the next discussion on Cammarata WEBTV. You can find the clip on YouTube by searching of Cammarata WEBTV & and it’s held in italian language!

La Sorgente Nr. 101 „No alla violenza“ (No to violence)

Regrettably during the lockdown has increased the domestic violence and hit children too, in some cases pets. About this I’m writing in this article, but there’s another violence standing out: the virtual or psychological one. It’s very cowardly how some individuals abuse the socials to use pictures of the unaware of being a target of offenses at very low level. I invite the followers not to put a like at such postings, but to warn about this illegality. Myself I did and got intimidated…!

La Sorgente Nr. 100 „Distopia Covid-19“

„La Sorgente“ is a local magazine of Caposele/Italy (Hometown of my parents) which is distributed worldwide to Italian immigrants. I feel very honored, and this over many years, to be part of it and contribute regularly with some articles. I was asked from director Nicola Conforti last spring to write something for the 1ooth issue. At that time, we know, Covid-19 was at its peak and with measures taken, all of us were confident to get a grip…
I experienced the lockdown in a dystopian state: no living soul around in town, looking for food, the family at a distance…the slogan was keep social distance! In my opinion the right one would have sound: physical distance.
Regrettably the pandemic has beaten back much more violently! Myself I’m an optimistic person, but this time I must admit we will feel hard times and pass severe trials. Stay strong and safe!