26.9.20 Reading @ Realisierbar, Steinen

Being member of the Swiss Writing Women (Schweizer Schreibfrauen), I was honored to hold the premiere of reading at the new opened Realisierbar. Together with my writing colleague Dorothe Zürcher, we delivered a very thrilling and creepy reading!
Dorothe is a well-known historian, specialized on saga’s of the town of Zurich and some other Swiss town’s. She read some passages of her new saga „Der Schwarze Garten“ (The Black Garden – it’s an old building in the old part of Zurich).
We later found out, that earlier at Realisierbar was the premiere of the well-known song „Steiner Chilbi“. Regrettably I don’t know the formerly name of this place! Realisierbar has been created by Jeanette Blank and offers a wide range of activities, please get in touch via www.realisierbar.com

Ready for some nightmare?

17.9.20 Reading @ Café Amboss, Bern

So we finally did it!

Covid-19 has turned upside down the literary world as well! It’s possible now to hold readings in compliance to the regulations. It was a pleasure to start up with my colleague writers Monique Baeriswyl and Conny Vischer.
Monique’s novels thematize the Celts. She discovered many years ago during a walk in the forest, close to her home, celtic remains. She later researched together with an archaeologist, that there is probably a celtic village underneath the ground.
Conny loves Scotland and their old stories of the clans, in her novel she writes about the everlasting hostility between the MacDonald’s and Campbell’s…and the tribal war between this clans was 500 years ago!
Myself did a deep dive into cyberwar and witchcraft. During a sleepless night last year, I spent some time zapping on TV and saw an interesting documentary about the darknet, this was the trigger to „E38“!

It’s funny to be a fortune teller!

2.9.20 Interview with Lisa Kauscheder on her Bachelor Thesis „Online and Offline Book marketing…“

It was a great pleasure and honor to contribute to Lisa Kauscheder’s Bachelor-Thesis:
„Online und Offline Buchvermarktung von Selfpublishing AutorInnen und Selfpublishing-Verlagen in der DACH-Region“ (c) Bachelor-Arbeit von Lisa Kauscheder @ Fachhochschule Burgenland/University of applied sciences – Austria.
If you want Lisa’s big interview with me or her exciting work, you can request it directly from Lisa, she’s active via Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you very much Lisa and I wish you all the best for your professional and private future!


17.9.20 & 26.9.20 Swiss Writing Women Readings @ Café Amboss Bern & Realisierbar Steinen (SZ)

I’m delighted to announce the upcoming readings together with my three writing colleagues of the Swiss Writing Women Society:

17.9.20 @ Café Amboss in Bern, starting 5.30 pm, more infos www.cafeamboss.ch – free entrance
26.9.20 @ Realisierbar in Steinen (SZ), starting 5.00 pm, more infos www.realisierbar.com – free entrance

Of course the readings will be held in compliance of the Covid19 rules by our federal office of public health.

A long time history – with Werner Strähl, Co-Producer

It’s time to give space to someone very important to whom I’ve been working for the past seven years! It’s my Co-producer Werner Strähl, the one who acts as a lector, proofreader, mentor, detractor, creative director and manager. I’m very thankful, proud and of course happy about 0f what we brought out together: 5 book productions! Well, it’s a long time history!

Grazie mille, Werner!

25.2. & 28.2.20 „Schreibende Frauen Lesen“ (Writing Women Read) @ Radio LoRa

It was a blast doing this reading thing at Radio LoRa, which has been broadcasted on 25th and 28th February 2020. Just a little correction: my new book „E38“ will be released at the beginning of March! The interview can be heard on SoundCloud too, in german language.
By kind permission of Karin Mayerhofer Dobler and lovely thanks to her for hosting me at the radio station:

„Die Autorin Sina Merino stellt ihre drei Bücher vor. Ihr erstes Buch „Die Papierfabrik“ (in Italienisch: La Cartiera), eine wahre Geschichte über die zweifache Migration ihrer Tante Anna Donatiello, die zuerst von Italien in die Schweiz einwanderte und von hier nach Argentinien auswanderte. Als zweites liest sie einige Passagen aus ihrem Roman „Nebel über Durban“ (Nebbia su Durban). Den Abschluss macht der Thriller „E38″, der jetzt im Februar 2020 erscheint und auch im Darknet spielt. Er setzt die Geschichte des geheimnisvollen Schlosses und der Protagonisten aus Nebel über Durban fort. Viel Vergnügen beim Reinhören.“