11.11.21 Swiss National Future Day

Once a year parents can take along their children to their working place and introduce them to their job and tasks, so the kids can have a look over the shoulder, or they are able to do some little tasks too. In my case my nephew Matteo has accompanied me and he had the chance to see my working place. I introduced him to do some floor plan calculations of square meters, reading building descriptions and doing a real estate evaluation. The day was completed with an online thrilling trail of chasing and arresting a hacker. The target of this future day is to prepare the pupils to take a decision if they want to continue studies or for an apprenticeship. Switzerland is probably the only country who applies the dual system of formation by working at a company for 3 days a week and the other 2 days at the professional school. It was fun working with my nephew, but strenuous too for both 🙂 We’ll see what he wants to become!!