17.9.20 Reading @ Café Amboss, Bern

So we finally did it!

Covid-19 has turned upside down the literary world as well! It’s possible now to hold readings in compliance to the regulations. It was a pleasure to start up with my colleague writers Monique Baeriswyl and Conny Vischer.
Monique’s novels thematize the Celts. She discovered many years ago during a walk in the forest, close to her home, celtic remains. She later researched together with an archaeologist, that there is probably a celtic village underneath the ground.
Conny loves Scotland and their old stories of the clans, in her novel she writes about the everlasting hostility between the MacDonald’s and Campbell’s…and the tribal war between this clans was 500 years ago!
Myself did a deep dive into cyberwar and witchcraft. During a sleepless night last year, I spent some time zapping on TV and saw an interesting documentary about the darknet, this was the trigger to „E38“!

It’s funny to be a fortune teller!