La Sorgente Nr. 100 „Distopia Covid-19“

„La Sorgente“ is a local magazine of Caposele/Italy (Hometown of my parents) which is distributed worldwide to Italian immigrants. I feel very honored, and this over many years, to be part of it and contribute regularly with some articles. I was asked from director Nicola Conforti last spring to write something for the 1ooth issue. At that time, we know, Covid-19 was at its peak and with measures taken, all of us were confident to get a grip…
I experienced the lockdown in a dystopian state: no living soul around in town, looking for food, the family at a distance…the slogan was keep social distance! In my opinion the right one would have sound: physical distance.
Regrettably the pandemic has beaten back much more violently! Myself I’m an optimistic person, but this time I must admit we will feel hard times and pass severe trials. Stay strong and safe!