25.8.18 DiVini Libri – Presentazione a Eboli (SA)

I’m very honored to hold my next reading in Eboli/Italy. This little town is well-known by Carlo Levi’s work „Christ stopped at Eboli“, his own memoir written in 1945 during his exile in 1935 – 1936 in the villages of Grassano and Aliano, the people there used to say to have been forgotten by God due to poverty and Christ stopped at Eboli, the last train station to reach these villages. I’m very proud that „La Cartiera“ has been compared to Levi’s work by the historian Giuseppe D’Angelo, who wrote the foreword to it. Levi used to write about Eboli in dialect „Jévule“, so I am very pleased, the vineyard Azienda Agricola Rossella Cicalese dedicated one of her wine to Levi and will underline my reading with it. www.rossellacicalese.it – grazie mille Rossella! Grazie mille to Raffaele Agresti of Promozioni Eventi Territori, the city of Eboli and Radio Città 105!

Eboli for me is very personal, since I was a child I used to go there visiting relations during holidays and from there we drove down to Paestum’s beach. I cherish beautiful childhood memories of it!