26.5.2021 Swiss National Reading Day @ Primary School Zofingen

Once a year my employer offers me the opportunity to do a volunteering. I do this with great pleasure at primary school Zofingen (CH), as my niece and nephew are pupils there. I started two years ago as a fairy-tale auntie, last year it was not possible due to Covid-restrictions and this year I decided for a mini-workshop „How to write a book!“. The pupils are on a good way to read themselves, so I thought it would be better to explain and tell what it takes to write a story – this was very welcomed by the teachers. It’s still a big issue, that many kids can’t go to school, because they live in dire situations and their parents can’t afford the money for school and books. It’s still a big issue the illiteracy or dyslexia, which can be trained by a speech therapist. I wanted to encourage the kids, to read more than spending time with gaming on a computer or surfing the net. I told them, that all the „Bigs“ started as „Small“ and they got all the potential to develop their talent! It was really great fun in these classes! Thanks to all the pupils and teachers for welcoming me!